Thursday, May 28, 2020

Helping the Community at all Costs

With all the chaos going around the world, here's a little story to help brighten our day. 

A man pledged to pay for all of Scott High School's graduating class's college fees. We consistently touch on the impacts that money plays on our daily life. This act of kindness is beyond helpful for all of these young professionals. 

Just like Financially Fit Employees, this is another act of kindness focused around improving our community!! Visit "Scott HS seniors shocked after local man pledges to pay for graduating class's college fees" to see the full story. 

Cover-19 and 401K???

With Covid-19 putting our daily lives through a blender, how do we get out of this situation on top? Many Americans are not well informed on the various actions that they can take regarding their finances. Focusing on our 401K, "Here’s what to do with your 401(k) during all the economic instability caused by coronavirus" brings to light a different strategy that we can use to protect our money. 

How Our Finances Impact Us

Stress related to finances is an issue that many of us endure. These issues can arise from many different reasons. Some of them many be due to not having a sound budget, not saving, and even underestimating the time it takes to educate ourselves when it comes to finances. Check out "7 in 10 Americans Have Cried Over Money" to learn how to minimize these financial pressures. Financially Fit Employees is here to help anyone and everyone with their financial needs.

Maintaining Financial Health During Covid-19

Covid-19 has shown us just how important our finances are, but what do we do when we get hit by a pandemic like this? How about stretching our savings? We can also boost our emergency funds and take advantage of the lower interest rates. Although money is tight, there are plenty of useful tips that we can use to turn this into a positive situation coming out of this disaster. Visit "How To Maintain Financial Health During COVID-19" to learn more. 

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Helpful Financial Tasks

With more time at home, how can we make the best out of our current situation. We can start implementing basic financial planning, trim monthly expenses, engage in more money conversations, and take on daily financial challenges. These are all helpful tips, but visit "5 Financial to-dos to Tackle While You’re Spending More Time at Home"to gain a better understanding.

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Long Term Savings Mindset

Due to the coronavirus, their savings account lost approximately $300,000, but they aren't worrying about it... Rather than looking at the monetary loss, they understand that you must have a long term mindset with their savings account. This is a perfect example of how to keep a positive and realistic mindset with their savings. The article  "Early Retiree’s Net Worth Dropped $300,000 due to the Pandemic" discusses this couple's story regarding their finances.

Couples Saving Tips

Many couples are struggling with their finances right now, but how can we work together to get through this time? How about sitting down to discuss money, establishing an emergency fund, reduce spending, revisit your insurance coverage, and potentially finding a financial advisor.

Our goal at Financially Fit Employees is to educate and empower our friends, family, and community regarding their finances. We hope everyone is making the best of this time and we are here to help!!!

Visit "5 Ways Couples can Work Together During the Coronavirus Pandemic to Protect Their Finances" for more tips and tricks.